Catching Stories Science Week 2022 Events

For anyone that might be interested the Catching Stories project is having two events for this year’s science week (13-20 November).

The first is part of the ‘Celebrate Science’ family day this Sunday, November 13th Western Gateway Building.

Here we will be replicating our ‘Time travel vaccination centre’, Where you will hear Joe Scanlon telling of his getting the ‘Branding Iron’ injection as a child. More info is in the link below.

Our Second instalment for Science week is a listening event on Tuesday the 15th at 5:30 pm in the Student Hub, room 1.72 Schtepps.

Project coordinator James Furey will walk through the Catching Stories online resource showcasing the rich content within. Immunologist Dr Beth Brint will be on hand to illuminate the oral testimony with a more science-based perspective. The presentation will be of great interest to those in the medical profession, both practitioners and educators, social and cultural historians, and anyone with a general interest in Irish society.

Both events are free and open to all.

Catching Stories is an SFI Discover-funded project undertaken by UCC’s Department of Folklore & Ethnology and the Cork Folklore Project. The project consists of a collection of oral testimonies, text-based responses, objects of memory and ephemera relating to infectious diseases in Ireland. These strands will be presented in an online resource with additional commentary from an immunologist to give a holistic view of how infectious disease and the subsequent public health measures affected Irish society. For more on the project see