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Chronicles of COVID-19

Contribute to Chronicles of COVID-19

Help us to document the sights, the sounds, the everyday actions, the thoughts and the conversations around us, so that our community has a record of these times that will last in a way that (for example) social media posts do not. We are based in Cork City, Ireland, but invite contributions from anywhere in Ireland or the wider world.

The Cork Folklore Project, a community-based oral history archive (, is carrying out a COVID-19 Collection initiative on a range of online platforms. We invite you to add your voice and personal accounts to this record. Our aim is that you and future generations can access the experiences of these days through descriptions of our daily routines, preoccupations, jokes and stories. We are interested also in the experiences of those who can’t access this questionnaire, and would be grateful to you to report for others, in your own or a separate submission, whether that be on an individual or group level.

What is covered in the survey?
We welcome any descriptions of everyday life during this pandemic. We invite you to note your observations on the following areas on a range of areas. For example: What shaped your individual experience; What memories, feelings or images stand out; positives / negatives, priorities, on your life; Community responses; Thoughts and preoccupations; The future.
We wish to document what people are doing and saying, in as concrete a way as possible.
Remember, however, that you are contributing to a permanent public resource, and please exercise caution in terms of naming individuals or including material that you would not like to see shared.

Will my name be associated with the material?
We credit each contribution with the contributor’s name in public outputs, unless you tick the option at the end of the survey to provide us with another way to refer to you.

What if I change my mind about the submission?
You can withdraw at any point before pressing ‘submit’. For up to two weeks after that, you can withdraw your submission, or request restricted access to parts of it, by contacting us at As an archive, we are always available to discuss any concerns that you might have in the longer-term future, and we operate a system whereby restrictions on access can be imposed on archival material.

What will happen to my contribution?
Your contribution will be deposited in the Cork Folklore Project Archives as a permanent resource for research. Elements of it will be shared by us in print, online and through successor technologies (for example, in an online 'Chronicles of COVID-19' exhibition and in our online catalogue). Information on how we process your contact details - which will be held securely and not shared with anyone - is available in our Privacy Policy. Details of how we process survey material that you deposit with us are available at the two following web links: and
We are available to answer any other questions that you may have at

Can I submit multiple times?
You can fill out the survey more than once. We invite you to do so periodically, if you have more observations and thoughts to chronicle. You can also contribute to the COVID-19 Collection by depositing diaries, images and sound recordings with us. Please visit for more information, or contact us by email at to arrange that.

This study has received approval from the University College Cork Social Research Ethics Board.
The project is supported by Béaloideas/Folklore and Ethnology and the School of Irish Learning, University College, Cork.