Cork in the Past

Cork in the Past.

Here we feature short audio clips for you to listen to, along with their transcripts to read, on the theme of Cork in the Past.

They have been selected from interviews conducted for our “How’s it goin’, boy?” project.

Tim O’Brien – Food and Drink: Treats for kids, because sausages were once a delicacy.

Kay O’Carroll – Landmarks and Favourite Places: Melting spoons and dead torneens – ‘We’re still alive anyway.’

Billy McCarthy – Cork of Old: Leaving for England on the Inisfallen.

Tim O’Brien – The Lee: Rescue missions on the way to mass.

Impressions of Cork

Geoffrey D’Souza – Coming to Cork & First Impressions: talking about coming to Cork for the first time

Isobel Sheridan – The English Market: she has a stall called On The Pig’s Back

LS Scott – Sport: the spirit of Cork people on Hurling Final day.

Emeka Ekebuasi – Cork accent and slang: Cork slang, like

Memories of Home

Andy Hawkins – Other Countries: at the age of 14, Andy found himself being shipped back to Ireland after an escape attempt from the rigours of teenage life in Cork was cut short by the Liverpool police.

Emeka Ekebuasi – Storytelling: fairy tales told and songs sung in a Nigerian market square.

Robert Fioure – Family: Robert Fioure from South Africa remembers his grandfather’s fondness for garlic.

Cultural Differences

Marcus Bale – Pub Culture: finding out that the only way to socialise in Ireland is to go to the pub. Good way to get accommodation also

Tony Henderson – Misunderstandings and difficulties: having a plumber arrive, when he said he would, is unheard of in Ireland