CFP COVID-19 Collection

** Notice ** this project has moved on to a dissemination phase, and we encourage you to visit the dedicated website: Chronicles of COVID-19. There, you can read about the project and sample material collected

We’re delighted to share some material from our initial responses here: 

One unexpected, immediate outcome is that respondents remark on feeling a benefit from filling out the online questionnaire, and we are working with local organisations on the distribution of paper questionnaires (available on our website) as an element of support packs for those cocooning. Some comments here:

From an ‘extremely medically vulnerable’ person:

‘It was actually a great experience. So important to put some shape on our experiences. Thanks so much.’

From another participant:

‘I think this survey is a brilliant idea. It has already helped me to write about how I am feeling and well done to you for thinking it up. I don’t want to forget that this happened. I want to keep feeling that it must change our society for the better once we are back in action and back in action we will be for sure.’

Add your voice to the Cork Folklore Project’s COVID-19 Chronicles.

Fill out our Covid-19 Chronicles survey bellow. You can do this as many times as you like

A printable version of the form is available here.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life is changing rapidly. 

Help us to document the sights, the sounds, the everyday actions, the thoughts and the conversations around us, so that our community has a record of these times that will last in a way that (for example) social media posts do not. We are based in Cork City, Ireland, but invite contributions from anywhere in Ireland.

The Cork Folklore Project, a community-based oral history archive (, is carrying out a COVID-19 Collection initiative on a range of online platforms. We can’t carry out face-to-face interviews at the moment, but we invite you to add your voice and experiences to this record, so that you and future generations can access the experiences of these days through descriptions of our daily routines, preoccupations, jokes and stories.

Follow us on FaceBook and contribute answers to our periodic questions there.

Keep a diary of your activities and thoughts, or describe images and encounters, and email us at to arrange to deposit it in our archive.

Take photos of scenes that document life in the pandemic, and email us at to arrange to deposit them in our archive.