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Tony was born and reared in Low Road. He remembers a story about Jack Lynch who had been presented with a Ford Anglia car by the factory. Lynch hated driving and eventually gave it away.

Mick has spent his life in the hairdressing trade. He talks about changes in the trade and recounts some stories from his working life.
Mick is known as ‘The Baldy Barber’. He was born in Ballincollig in 1948. His father was a hairdresser and had…

Maura was matron of the Orthopaedic Hospital for 20 years until her retirement in 1997. In this interview Maura recalls the various roles she had in the hospital prior to her being appointed matron.
Maura recalls that the nurses residents on the…

Bernie was born in 1939 and reared in Turner’s Cross. His mother had been a bookkeeper and his father was a supervisor in the post office. He had an older brother and an older sister, and he spent a lot of time with his parents.
He remembers queues…
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