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This interview was completed for the Catching Stories of infectious Disease in Ireland project.

Mick spoke of his father having TB and the effect that had on his family life. His father contracted TB when Mick was 8 or 9 (1967-68). Mick mentions…

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Pauline Matthews was born in 1950 in the Ballintemple area of Cork city. When she was an infant her mother contracted tuberculosis and was confined to the chest hospital in Mallow. Shortly afterwards, Pauline contracted the disease, leading her to be…

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Paul was born in 1935. His father worked for Great Southern Railway which meant the family moved a lot during Paul’s youth. Paul would call Military Hill in Cork City his ‘home. Paul attended Christians Collage on Wellington Road. Here he was class…

Michael and Theresa are husband and wife and live on Fairhill on the north side of Cork city. Michael is 87 years old and Theresa is 85 years old. In this interview they both talk about their experiences of TB in Cork during the 1940s and the 1950s.…

Lesley Spoke about her father’s life as a polio survivor.

Evelyn was born in the 1940s. Her parents were living in England prior to her birth. Father worked for Ford in Dagenham. Evelyn only met her father a handful of times. After her parent’s relationship ended Evelyn’s mother and her older brother Barry…

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Emma is the Communications and development officer for Polio Survivors Ireland. She spoke about the history of polio in Ireland, about the work PSI do and the current state of polio in Ireland.
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