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Worked in the textiles industry in Britain before being taken on as a manager in Sunbeam c.1958 to set up their design and development department. Became managing-director of Sunbeam Wolsey following Declan Dwyer’s retirement in 1967. Remained in…

Tommy Rooney was born in 1931. He was reared in Crosshaven and was the eldest of nine. His father’s family were from Dublin. He joined the army in 1945 at the age of 14 and remained in the service for 12 years. He played music during some of that…

Tina’s father was from Blackpoool, and her mother was from Cove St. She has 8 siblings. She went to Blackpool School, which was since demolished; there they used to be given milk and buns.

Tina recalls some of a skipping rhyme she used to sing as…

Son of Declan Dwyer and grandson of William Dwyer. Worked for Sunbeam from 1962 until 1975 in the marketing department. After leaving the company, he subsequently became a successful aerial photographer.

Pat is from John Street on the Northside. He was educated at the North Monastery, which was good for general studies but did not teach music. The school environment was harsh. He left school early. His father bought him a second-hand saxophone, and…

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Michael was born in the 1950s and grew up in Farranferris Ave below the Church of the Redemption in Farranree. He came from a family of 13 children. He was a student at the North Mon. His mother was a great GAA fan and a sporting person who played…

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Marie was born (in the 1950s) and reared in High Street, in the South Parish, off Douglas Street; she thinks the street was formerly Quarry Lane. Some of her area was altered to make a new road. She went to school in South Presentation.
She recalls…

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Margaret Newman was born in 1922. She explains that before the Sunbeam factory there was a flax mill, which employed some children in the late 1800s.
How children ordered their presents from Santa.

Note: This is one of 4 interviews conducted with…

Jack talks briefly about life history and remembers local sporting heroes such as Christy Ring.
Jack (born circa 1926) grew up in O’Connell Street. His parents were both Northsiders. His father worked for the Post Office. His mother was born in 1888…

Helen, nee Bourke was born and reared in Barrack View near the North Cathedral. Her family later moved to Leitrim Street.
She talks about her childhood. People had little but shared a lot. Boiled eggs were eaten at Easter time. Everyone was involved…

Grew up in Farranferris. Worked in Sunbeam from the late 1960s until her marriage in 1971/72. Later returned to work in Sunbeam on a part-time basis in the 1980s.

Frank Wallace: Born in Blackpool in the 1930s. Worked in Sunbeam from c.1950, first as a general operative, later as a full-time shop steward. Later became a full-time organiser.

Evelyn was born in the 1940s. Her parents were living in England prior to her birth. Father worked for Ford in Dagenham. Evelyn only met her father a handful of times. After her parent’s relationship ended Evelyn’s mother and her older brother Barry…

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Eileen Jones (b. 1931) was born in Millfield Cottages. When she was 4 years old her family moved to Welsh’s Lane in Blackpool; members of her extended family lived nearby. Her mother was born in 1896. Her father was a builder’s labourer.
There was…

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Born in Ballymacthomas area of Cork in 1932. Moved to Gurranabraher with his family in the early 30s. Worked in Sunbeam for c. 5 years during the early to mid-1950s. He has written a memoir, Cork’s Red City (Cork: Litho Press, 2005)

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Billy, a one-time Cork Folklore Project member of staff and long-term collaborator, was born in Cork in 1941 and grew up with his six siblings in Quaker Road. His mother was born in Cork and his father came from Dunmanway. Billy attended St Marie’s…

Rita Sisk: Grew up in Shandon. Worked in Sunbeam during the 1960s until the birth of her first child. Eleanor Ford: Grew up in Gurranbraher. Worked in Sunbeam during the 1960s before emigrating to London. Later returned to Ireland.
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