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Willy Good was born in the 1930s and brought up in Commons Road. His house was in the family for two centuries, and once had a thatched roof.

He recalls Halloween games; he called Halloween ‘Snap Apple Night’. Ghostly encounters associated with…

047 Rob aged 4 with first love Ducky Doo his pet duck.tif
Robert talks in detail about growing up in South Africa, and makes some observations about Cork places and people.
Robert (b. 1969) is from a gold-mining town in South Africa. He talks about mining conditions there. He comments that South Africa has…

Pete Newman (also known as Pete Duffy) was born in 1945. He grew up in Orrery Road off Cathedral Road. His relatives came from Broad Lane and moved up to Gurranabraher.
Cyclists going up Shandon Street used to hold on to the back of buses, which…
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