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Vitaly is from the Ukraine. He compares his home culture to that of Ireland, and he talks about his experiences as an immigrant in Cork.
Vitaly was born in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. Although he was heavily involved in boxing, he opted to become a…

Tom is the author of several books on design history relating to Cork City such as “Cork City: A Field Guide To Its Street Furniture and “Layers”.

Tom speaks about how he was born in England and came to live in Cork aged seven when his father got…

Patricia grew up in Catalonia and describes coming to Cork to live and her experiences in the city.
Patricia describes her childhood. Her mother was Irish, her father Spanish. She visited Cork and decided to stay, getting a job. She compares how…

Mahbub talks about growing up in Bangladesh and coming to Cork to work and study.
Mahbub recalls life a child and talks briefly about a game he played called carom [Carrom]. He describes the family’s diet, consisting often of rice. He studied…

Geoffery dsou.jpg
Geoffrey is from New Delhi, India, and works in Cork as a chef. He talks about how he came to the city in 2001, he compares Ireland and India, and talks about his interest in cooking.
Geoffrey came to work in Cork at the invitation of two Irish…

Alan Botan.jpg
Alan is from Kurdistan. He briefly describes his childhood in Iraq and his experience of Cork city and Ireland.
Alan is an asylum seeker. He came to Cork in 2002 and describes his efforts to integrate, and how he experienced Cork and its people. He…

Aimée Setter.jpg
Aimée grew up in London. She works as a DJ and comments on the music scene in Cork. She also talks, sometimes critically, about the city and its people.
Aimée moved from London to Cork with her family when she was 8 years old. She says she…

Adam Skotarczak
Adam was born in Poland, and talks in very brief terms about his childhood and about living in Cork.

Note; This interview was conducted as part of the Cork 2005 Project
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