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Tom is the author of several books on design history relating to Cork City such as “Cork City: A Field Guide To Its Street Furniture and “Layers”.

Tom speaks about how he was born in England and came to live in Cork aged seven when his father got…

Patricia grew up in Catalonia and describes coming to Cork to live and her experiences in the city.
Patricia describes her childhood. Her mother was Irish, her father Spanish. She visited Cork and decided to stay, getting a job. She compares how…

CFP_PH00637_ODuinnin 2.JPG
Pádraig is one of the founders of Meitheal Mara and the Ocean to City race

Pádraig says he grew up in Coolcower, Macroom on a peninsula between the rivers lee and Sullane. He says it had a formative influence on his life. His father was a bus…

Eileen grew up on a farm in Inchaclough, West Cork with one brother and four sisters. She was the third child. They had a cousin and a neighbour’s child living with them. Her parents were hardworking– her mother used to work at least 12 hours a day.…

Brother Higgins describes his childhood and praises his education at the North Mon school. He later became a teacher at the school, and he comments on education and on religious life.
Brother Higgins (born circa 1956) grew up in Madden’s Buildings,…

Brenda moved to Cork when she was 17, to go to Art College. She remembers hearing people conversing in Irish. She has lived in Cork for 30 years.
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