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Seán Lane was born in 1942. His parents were both from Blarney Street, where he was raised. His father was a bacon butcher.

He talks about his childhood. Children were always on the lookout for any opportunity to make a penny, such as cow-herding…

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Noel has written a book about growing up in Cork in the 1940s and 1950s, called Is That You, Boy? He was born (1939) and reared in Gerald Griffin Street. He has 4 siblings. He recalls the shops and businesses on the street.
Denny’s cellar was a…

Eddie plays road bowling. He talks about the sport, about how he became involved in it, and about some of the players and characters associated with it.
Eddie (born circa 1949) grew up in Cloghroe, where road bowling was popular and started playing…

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Dan, who describes himself as the ‘third oldest [stone]mason left in Cork’ at the time of this interview - outlines his youth in Bandon and Cork city, family background, married life and his wife’s early death, jobs, bowl-playing, ballroom dancing,…
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