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Sheila was born and raised on Gurranabraher Avenue. Her father was from the Fail hill area and her mother came from Whitechurch.
Sheila was second youngest in a family of 7 girls and 4 boys. Her father worked in a government building as the lift…

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Margaret was born circa 1920. She talks about her pregnancies and the births of her children. She lived with a relative and describes her housing situation at the time; she looked after her relative after he became blind.
She tells a story about…

Helen established the Cork Youth International Film, Video and Arts Festival in 1980 and has spent her life voluntarily teaching thousands of young people about film and the arts in workshops all over Cork.

Helen talks about surviving economically…

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Originally from Winter’s Hill, Derek describes his home and family: siblings, grandmother, his GP mother and his father who worked in insurance. He outlines his mother’s tasks and equipment as a GP.      He describes his routine on school days,…
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