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Michael was born in 1957. Originally from Togher. Michael’s family emigrated to London in 1960. He remembers the ship leaving Cork on the Inishfallen, and people singing and crying at the quayside. They sang the popular song “Now Is The Hour” [Bing…

Liam grew up in Henry Street during the 1940s. He talks about the marshes of Cork and Pike’s Marsh, named after a Quaker merchant family.
He recalls the practice of adding “a” to the end of some placenames, such as Pana for Patrick Street. There…

Kevin was born (circa late 1930s) in Kelly’s Lane (later Boyce’s Street). His father was in the British Army and later the forces of the Irish Free State. When Kevin was 14 he went to work as a plumber.
He remembers Blarney Street, and women who…
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