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CFP00581 Mary O'Sullivan 28th July 2016 crop.jpg
Mary begins the interview by talking through her earliest memories of Bantry, walking to school and robbing apples and nice and cross teachers. Mary’s then moves on to describe her family, and how she left school at 14, her father was a farm labourer…

Marcus Bale
Marcus describes his childhood in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina and his subsequent move to Ireland. Subjects covered include Marcus’s Jewish upbringing, how he came to live in Ireland, cultural differences between Argentina and Ireland, as well…

Jack Johnson again with Monkstown football team crop.jpg
Jack begins by describing his family background in the mason trade and his own beginnings as a mason.

He then talks about social events and going to dances at The Arcadia club. Jack then mentions his growing up in Monkstown and schooldays.…

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