We have produced two books, “Life Journeys” (which unfortunately is currently out of stock) and the more recent “How’s It Goin’, Boy?”.

A picture of the front cover of the How's it goin' boy? book“How’s It Goin’, Boy?” is a snapshot of Cork at a moment of significant change, where new cultures and people engage with the rich existing traditions.

The result is humorous, touching and sometimes surprising, illustrating the universality and also the particularity of the human condition, opening a window into hidden worlds.

Edited by Dr. Cliona O’Carroll from the Department of Folklore & Ethnology at UCC, “How’s It Goin’, Boy?” includes many wonderful colour and black and white photographs.

This book is a companion piece to our radio series of the same name and you can check out audio excerpts from the original radio series on our Radio Page.