How’s It Goin’ Boy? radio series

You can click here to listen to a series of very short audio excerpts from the radio series “How’s It Goin’, Boy?”,  including transcripts.

The front covers of the How's it goin' boy? book and radio series CD box set‌The Folklore Project was extremely pleased to participate in Cork’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2005. Support we received as an official partner in Cork 2005 made possible an ambitious ethnographic fieldwork project, conducting more than 40 oral history interviews with Cork residents from various backgrounds, including Australia, the Marsh, Nigeria, Gurranabraher, Russia, Evergreen Street, Iraq and many more.

The amazing diversity of memories, stories and experiences collected in this project include living in a mining town in South Africa, going to the Lee Baths as a child, trapping birds in the mountains of eastern Turkey, moving through the streets of Cork in a fire brigade and along the river in a currach. Highlighting the interface between the global and the local, embracing the resulting creativity and cultural renewal, these interviews present a celebration of a new Cork.

The interviews for the Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture project have added a significant multi-ethnic dimension to our permanent collection, and have further developed our position as a valuable resource in regard to Cork identity and everyday culture.‌

This rich material was used to create “”How’s It Goin’, Boy?”, a fascinating series of six half-hour radio programmes and a beautiful book, published by Nonsuch Publications.

Cork Folklore Project on RTÉ Radio One

Click on the link below to listen to RTÉ Radio One’s Curious Ear documentary from August 2011 and listen below to a 10 minute segment of RTÉ Radio One’s History Show from 21st October 2012. Both are about Cork Folklore Project’s Memory Map.

RTÉ Radio One’s Curious Ear documentary on Cork Folklore Project’s Memory Map (first broadcast in August 2011). Listen here>


RTE Radio One’s History Show, a segment from RTÉ Radio One’s History Show on Cork Folklore Project’s Memory Map (first broadcast in October 2012).