Our photo archive contains around 6000 images, exploring the breadth of life in an ever changing Cork.

Our earliest images, dating from 1996, focus on the Northside of Cork City and Blackpool in particular, reflecting our original areas of interest.

Over time we have expanded our perspective to include the wider Cork community.

Photographer Roy Hamond with camers

Memory Map Project Photographs

This is a selection of photographs taken by Gráinne Mcgee, which feature in our Cork Memory Map project.‌

Photographic portrait of Noreen Hanover
Noreen Hanover

photographic portrait of Margaret Newman and Breda St Leger
Margaret Newman and Breda St Leger

photographic portrait of Noel Magnier
Noel Magnier

photographic portrait of Jim McKeon
Jim McKeon

photographic portrait of Geraldine Healy
Geraldine Healy

photographic portrait of Pat Speight
Pat Speight

photo of Rory Gallagher monument
Rory Gallagher monument

photographic portrait of Breda Sheehan
Breda Sheehan

Milk Cake
Milk Cake

slogging apples
Slogging apples

photo of St Finbarr's angel
St Fin Barre’s angel

Johnny Chris Kelleher
Johnny Chris Kelleher

Roy Hammond Collection

We have also been fortunate to have had a significant collection of photos from the late Roy Hammond deposited in our permanent collection.

Photograph of Horse and Cart by Roy Hammond thumbnail
Horse and Cart

Photograph of Bar interior by Roy Hammond thumbnail
Bar interior

Photograph of Blackrock Castle by Roy Hammond thumbnail
Blackrock Castle

Photograph of Soccer player by Roy Hammond
Corner Kick at Flower lodge

Boatyard photo by Roy Hammond
Boatyard photo by Roy Hammond
Ballinspittle grotto
Ballinspittle Grotto

Photograph of Blarney Stone by Roy Hammond
Kissing The Blarney Stone

Photograph of Kitty Barry by Roy Hammond
Katty Barry

Photograph of ferris wheel by Roy Hammond
Ferris wheel

Photograph of Aer Lingus plane by Roy Hammond
Arrivals at Cork Airport

Photograph of Bar interior 1 by Roy Hammond
Patrons Enjoying a Drink

Photograph of Eucharistic Procession by Roy Hammond
Eucharistic Procession

Hunter/Hudson Collection

The Hunter/Hudson collection centers on built heritage and the physical evolution of Cork between 1996 and 2005. Stephen Hunter, a former Project Researcher, edited our book Life Journeys book and many issues of The Archive Journal.

photo of Madden's Buildings plaque
Madden’s Buildings plaque

photo of an old house
Old House

aerial photo of the Firkin Crane
Firkin Crane

photo of Charles' Fort
Charles’ Fort

photo of currach building at Meithal Mara
Currach building at Meitheal Mara

photo of The Arcadia during demolition
The Arcadia during demolition

photo of the National Sculpture Factory
National Sculpture Factory

photo of musicians busking
Musicians Busking

photo of the reconstructed famine ship Jeanie Johnston
The Jeanie Johnston

photo of a Round Tower
The Round Tower. Ardmore Co. Waterford

photo of the Glen Flats before demolition
The Glen Flats before demolition

photo of a heap of mangles
A Heap of Mangles

Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture

Our European Capital of Culture Cork 2005 project features the stunning images of staff photographer Fawn Allen, encompassing both the physical environment of the city and the faces of Cork’s latest citizens.

Photograph of bonded warehouses by Fawn Allen Photograph of a newspaper seller by Fawn Allen Photograph of Women at Cornmarket Street by Fawn Allen
Photograph of the weir by St Anne's Hospital by Fawn Allen Photograph of a fishmonger in the English Market Street by Fawn Allen
Photograph of children on a quayside by Fawn Allen Photograph of people outside a dance studio by Fawn Allen Photograph of a man and his dog on a quayside by Fawn Allen
Photograph of the shakey bridge by Fawn Allen Photograph of a closeup of women at Cornmarket Street by Fawn Allen Photograph of street nameplates by Fawn Allen

Folklore Project Photos 1996-1998

Here are a selection of photographs taken by staff of the Folklore Project between 1996 and 1998, including one of staff members holding the Heritage Council Award 1998.

photo of drag hunting 1998 Folklore Project staff with The Heritage Council Award 1998
The old flats in Blackpool 1998 photo of John Hourihan, tinsmith, 1996
photo of a Reading wagon 1996 photo of a barrel-top wagon 1996

Tom Doig Collages

Tom Doig has worked with existing images in our archive to create a gallery of beautiful Cork collages, such as featured on the cover of our journal, The Archive.

Rory Gallagher collage by Tom DoigTom Doig aeroplane collage