The Sascha Roos COVID Photographic Collection

From the outset of our COVID Collection, Sascha Roos has been helping us document the changing cityscape during the lockdown restrictions. The things that people noticed and chose to document through photographs are an interesting element of life during the lockdown. We’re particularly lucky that Sascha accompanied her images with a commentary on the streetscape or mood of the city at the time, and with her own thoughts and motivations for taking particular photos. The linked photo-and-commentary format really provides a context and food for thought. All words and pictures in this Gallery are by Sascha Roos.

Sascha is a dyslexia specialist and author living in Cork city. Originally from Cambridge, she has lived in Cork for more than 22 years. Her book At Home with Dyslexia: A Parent’s Guide to Supporting your Child was published in 2018. We asked Sascha to contribute to the Chronicles project after she posted pictures and commentary about the first few of her lockdown city walks on Facebook. Reflecting on the process of contributing to ‘Chronicles of COVID-19’, Sascha said:

‘I really enjoyed having purpose on my city walks. My strolls had meaning, and I felt I was contributing to an archive that will capture moments during an extraordinary time.

I now see myself as an urban photographer!’

I’ve been waiting all lockdown for the galleries to open! This situation really lets you know what is important to you. I need to see art and visit galleries. The virtual tours just don’t fulfil that need.  
My visit to the Crawford Gallery was wonderful and I savoured the experience.