Phase 1 of Chronicles of COVID-19: Cork Folklore Project’s Public Collection Completed. Phase 2 now up.

A very wide range of responses have come in so far, in over 100 contributions. We have been moved by the richness and thought-provoking nature of the material, which includes hopes, fears, frustrations and a real sense of empathy and solidarity. A strong sense of humour and hopefulness comes through also, despite the huge challenges facing us.

Our second phase has started, and will run throughout 2020, and we have launched the Irish language ceistneoir/questionnaire. This questionnaire is open to all, and those who have already contributed are welcome to do so again, using the same email address and just entering whatever they’d like to add.

Please do let your friends know about this project, the more response we get the better.

Here’s a piece from West Cork People that includes some early responses.

We hope to continue with updates on our web page and our facebook page, and our invitation to take part is there to share also.